Pumpkin Derby

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Build a pumpkin racer and enter the race! The races are fun to watch but it’s even more fun when you’re competing. Anyone can enter the Open Championship and compete for the Grand Championship Trophy – just fill out this simple form and bring it the race with your $10 registration fee (per racer)!

Here are some more tips for having a great day!

  • Form a team or join a team. Share this unique tradition with your family, friends and neighbors.
  • Pick a creative theme. We like teams with funky themes. Creativity and ingenuity are a huge part of the Pumpkin Derby race tradition. Short, tall, big, small we like them all, except CHEATER PUMPKINS! Check out the tips page for ideas and inspiration.
  • You can build your Pumpkin Racer at the PumpkinPalooza the day of the event, but you have to get started no later than noon. Professionals will be on hand to help you and you can buy a kit (including the pumpkin) for an additional $15. You’ll receive $15 back if you return the wheels and axles. You get to keep the pumpkin!
  • Learn the Pumpkin Racer Pledge “I promise to always do my very best and play by the rules because Cheater Pumpkins never prosper.”
  • For even more race day fun: Wear a costume. Bring your whole family. Make sure your Pumpkin Racer is ready to race! Feel good about doing good. Spread the word, challenge your friends, family members, co-workers, neighbors. . .competition is fun!

Click here for instructions on how to build your own derby car.

You’ll find the official Race Day procedures here.

Click here to share PumpkinPalooza with your friends.

And most importantly, here are the official rules!

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