City of Sparks Vending Info & Agreement

The following is information for vendors and exhibitors that are a part of special event on public property in the City of Sparks. Please read the following directives. Failure to comply with the rules will result in a costly fire inspection costs to the producer of the event and possible expulsion from the event.

Tents and structures:

  1. All structures shall be adequately roped, braced, and anchored. THIS IS NOT OPTIONAL.
  2. No stakes are allowed in the grass. It the underground sprinkler system is punctured by a stake, the event producer will be billed for damage.
  3. Do not affix anything to trees, shrubs or city owned property, especially as an anchor.


  1. Vehicles and heavy equipment are not allowed on turf or beach areas at any time.
  2. A drip pan must be placed under every vehicle (including motorcycles) which is parked on a sidewalk.


  1. Do not cut any branches from trees.
  2. Do not tie onto trees or branches to secure booths or signs.
  3. Do not use stakes in planters/medians to secure canopies, signs, etc.


  1. Power given to vendor booths that requires labor or equipment rental will be billed to the event producer.
  2. Permanent utility outlets or sockets may not be used by exhibitors
  3. All equipment regardless of source of power, must comply with federal, state and local codes.
  4. Each vendor holds City of Sparks harmless for any and all losses of power beyond City of Sparks’ control.


  1. Cords need to be covered to avoid tripping.
  2. Ice from coolers cannot be emptied on the grass, planters or into storm drains.
  3. Water from weight containers may be emptied in a location on site as long as it doesn’t impede other vendors.
  4. All waste (trash, grease ,grey water) shall be stored in approved containers until removed from premises.”

Specific Cooking Vendor Conditions

Vendor with cooking devices shall have:

  1. A minimum of (1) 2A10BC fire extinguisher will be required for every cooking vendor and vendors with special electrical needs. Cooking Vendors that produce grease laden vapors shall be required to have a K-Guard Fire Extinguisher. All Fire Extinguishers shall be current.
  2.  All generators must be cordoned off from the public. Placement of all generators shall be approved by the Fire Marshal prior to usage. All Generators must be filled before the event and all fuel cans shall be removed from the event area prior to the event starting.
  3. When using propane, all hose and regulators shall be UL listed and in good working condition. Make sure that the regulator has the correct orifice for this altitude (4200 ft.). All bottles will be secured to a stable surface.
  4. If ashes are produced, the vendor must provide a five (5) gallon metal trash can with lid just for the disposal of ashes. (Grease shall be accumulated in metal cans with metal lids. Promoter is required to properly dispose of grease.)

Any vendor using a tent structure shall comply with the following code requirements:

  1. All structures and their appurtenances shall be adequately roped, braced, and anchored to withstand the elements of weather against collapsing.
  2. Hay, straw, trash, and other flammable material shall be stored not less than thirty (30) feet outside of the structure. All waste shall be stored in approved containers until removed from premises.
  3. All structures shall be of flame-retardant material and have an approved certification by the manufacturer attached.

Temporary Vendor Permits:

  1. Food $55: includes all vendors that are preparing food onsite for consumption onsite. Vendors who are current City of Sparks Business license holders must acquire this permit, but the fee is waived.
  2. Retail $15: All vendors selling items at the event. This group includes all prepackaged food. Vendors who are current City of Sparks Business license holders must acquire this permit, but the fee is waived.
  3. Informational $00: These vendors or exhibitors are not conducting commerce but are onsite –either with an activity, disseminating information, or promoting a business/organization (including non-profit organizations). These groups do not need a permit, must sign a Vendor Conditions Agreement Form to agree to abide by the venue’s rules and regulations.

How do you get your permit? Your event producer will give you the permit prior to the event. Please have the permit in your booth. Your payment is given to the producer.

For more information on safety and fire prevention concerns, please contact the Sparks Fire Department at 775-353-2255.

For more information on obtaining a City of Sparks business license, please contact the Business licensing department at 775-353-5555.

For information on your pending Temporary event permit, please contact your event producer.

 I will not be selling any goods or services.
 I am a non-profit, tax exempt 501-c3 Charitable organization.
 I have read these conditions and agree to abide by them.



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